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2022-05-06 10:06:20

Freeze dryer machine

Unlike pharmaceutical and also biological, freeze dry food is not a must, however it might produce high top quality food as well as enhance the added value of food. The freeze-dried food is 100% natural without ingredients and preservatives, and also freeze-dried food keeps the exact same color and form as initial, and most notably freeze-dried food maintain 99% nourishment which is very excellent for taking a trip food, mountain food etc


Freeze dryer machine is a machine for lyophilization. Lyophilization is sublimation drying. Other drying system is vaporizing drying. Freeze dryer machine is the most up to date and ideal drying system for pharmaceutical products and also organic products. Pharmaceutical options need to be freeze dried to retain its effective substances; Biological products components naturally active, so it lives. If it is dried by various other methods, the active biological will certainly be eliminated in heat, yet as for freeze drying, it is refined in reduced temperature level, the biological energetic is continued to be in maximum, even might be 100% kept.