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2022-05-06 10:06:32

Vacuum lyophilizer machine

Vacuum lyophilizer machine is presently using the most innovative technology. There are some suppliers or sellers of small vacuum lyophilizer machine in the world, just few manufacturers to generate lab types.

The vacuum lyophilizer machine uses high automated control with time as well as temperature as well as flexible operation. The vacuum lyophilizer machines will certainly maintain food by abruptly go down the temperature in a vacuum chamber to listed below absolutely no and after that by gradually increasing it. The water in food will quickly freeze then slowly evaporate, which assists better protect the structure, flavor, and nutrients in food.

It makes hydrous materials frozen in the low temperature standing, then under the vacuum problem, it adopts thermal radiation method for heating, to sublimate ice to gas directly. After the moisture comes out, it uses ice-condenser (cold trap) as well as vacuum tool to dry the water content. Vacuum lyophilizer machine has commonly application, such as for chemical items, biologics, health item, natural herbs, agricultural products (meat, pouty, egg, sea food, veggies, as well as fruits and so on).