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2022-05-06 10:06:35

Lyophilization machine

Considering that the lyophilization machine is executed under low temperature level and high vacuum, the moisture in the product is directly sublimated from the solid state gaseous, so it can make the most of the cell activity, shade, fragrance, taste, form, as well as nutritional make-up of the freeze-dried product, as well as has good rehydration efficiency.

Lyophilization machine is utilized to dry all kinds of food, organic, nutraceutical items. There are many providers of lyophilization machine, nevertheless, simply few manufacturers of big commercial type.

Freeze-dried food is a high-grade eco-friendly food refined by lyophilization machine that incorporates convenience, health, and pure nature, avoiding the discoloration, degeneration, loss of active ingredients. With the comprehensive research study of lyophilization machine, the range of using freeze-drying innovation for refining food is expanding. The result items from lyophilization machine in the global market are boosting at a price of 30% annually, and coming to be a bulk food in global trade.