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2022-05-06 10:06:35

Vacuum lyophilization machine

Improve structure, optimize style, lower costs, as well as decrease energy usage. For bigger vacuum lyophilization machine, KEMOLO use oxidized light weight aluminum rack system as well as trays. For vacuum lyophilization machine, the heating system just supplements the sublimation heat, and the power usage must not be also high, and the structure ought to be optimized to decrease power usage.

Warranty high quality as well as improve performance. KEMOLO vacuum lyophilization machine guarantee good integrity to generate premium quality with globe popular extra parts. Enhance the heating rate, pumping rate, temperature uniformity, and also vacuum security, and also some new features of the tools likewise should be improved.

Whether it is domestic or imported vacuum lyophilization machine, the common shortcomings are the higher rate, high power intake, and also slow recovery of investment. Reducing expenses and decreasing energy usage is the main direction for KEMOLO vacuum lyophilization machine.