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2022-05-14 08:59:07

Freeze dry equipment

The products which are refined by freeze dry equipment are easy to store for a very long time. After including water, they can return to the state before freeze drying and keep the initial biochemical characteristics. The freeze-drying technology is really suitable for creating heat-sensitive substances such as antibiotics, injections, blood items, enzyme hormones and various other biological cells as well as commonly made use of in medication, pharmaceutical, biological research study, chemical as well as food areas.

Freeze dry equipment embrace high innovation: firstly, freezing water in the products into a solid state, and after that sublimating the moisture from the solid state into a gaseous state, therefore removing the wetness and preserving the substances.

The freeze dry equipment is manufactured by the principle of vacuum freeze-drying, with affordable as well as compact structure, as well as it's hassle-free to preserve, totally automated control and conveniently run. The freeze dry equipment can work individually by attaching three-phase electrical energy with total functions, no demand for way too many sustaining facilities. One-of-a-kind design as well as extremely low energy intake make the discounted products lucrative by freeze dry equipment.