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2022-05-14 08:59:08

Commercial lyophilizer machinery

During the freeze-drying procedure, the growth of microorganisms and also the action of enzymes will not take place. The original character can be maintained by commercial lyophilizer machinery. The loss of some volatile parts and also nutrient components denatured by heat is very little when freeze dehydrating at reduced temperature level.

It's very appropriate for drying some chemicals, foods, as well as medicines. Because it is dried in a frozen state, the quantity and buildings of the ended up item are practically unmodified, as well as the original framework is kept without contraction. The dried materials are loose and also permeable, and also similar to sponge. After adding water, maybe totally and also quickly liquified, and also the original form will certainly be recovered immediately. Refined by commercial lyophilizer machinery, the dampness in the products can be gotten rid of greater than 95%~ 99%. So, the freeze-dried items can be protected for a long time.

Compared with average drying modern technology, the advantages of commercial lyophilizer machinery are as listed below: commercial lyophilizer equipment is performed under reduced temperature level, so it's particularly suitable for lots of heat-sensitive materials, consisting of microbes and also proteins. It will be no denaturation or loss of organic vitality.