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2022-05-06 10:06:26

Vacuum freeze-dried machine

Whether it is domestic or imported vacuum freeze-dried machine, the typical drawbacks are the higher rate, high energy consumption, and also slow-moving back of investment. Reducing costs as well as reducing energy usage is the primary instructions for KEMOLO vacuum freeze-dried machine.

1, Improve framework, enhance type, decrease prices, and also decrease energy intake. For bigger vacuum freeze dried machine, KEMOLO use oxidized light weight aluminum rack system as well as trays. For vacuum freeze-dried machine, the heating system just supplements the sublimation heating, as well as the power intake need to not be too high, as well as the structure must be optimized to decrease energy usage.

2, Guarantee high quality and improve efficiency. KEMOLO vacuum freeze-dried machine make sure excellent dependability to produce excellent quality with globe well-known spare components. Improve the heating price, pumping rate, temperature harmony, as well as vacuum stability, and some brand-new functions of the tools also need to be boosted.