FD-1500 Freeze Dryer

FD-1500 freeze dried machine is suitable for large commercial lyophilization production. Its shelf area is 150m2, loading capacity 1500kg/batch. KEMOLO FD-1500 is the best model for 40' container shipping. The composition of freeze dried machine: chamber, refrigeration, vacuum, heating...

  • Model:: FD-1500
  • Input capacity:: 1500kg/batch
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FD-1500 freeze-dried machine

FD-1500 freeze dried machine is suitable for freeze drying any types of food materials. Its shelf area is 150m2, Raw material loading capacity 1500kg/batch. This is a large-scale freeze dried machine. Its length is 11.5 meters. The length of a 40-foot container is 12 meters. This is the largest single-chamber freeze-dried machine that can be transported in a 40-foot flat rack container. If the cost of flat rack container transportation is high, then this model is the best choice. It is also one of the most recommended models. In consideration of your factory size, you can buy several freeze dryers of this model. KEMOLO is one of the main manufacturers and suppliers of this industrial freeze dried machine with a lot of reliable freeze dryer chamber available.

What capacity of freeze-dried machine supplied:

Single freeze dried machine from 50kg to 2500kg; and multiple units for larger capacity from 5 -50 tons.

Advantages of freeze-dried machine

1. More models avaiable and large capacity for different project

2. Rich experience in manufacturing freeze-dried machine

3. Energy saving solutions in the industrial freeze-dried machine

4. Worldwide supply with CE, EAC, ASME, ISO9001 certificates

Application of freeze-dried machines
KEMOLO freeze dried machine is mainly used in food industry,
biological industry and extract liquid.

Merits of freeze dried product

1. 100% natural products

2.  Longer shelf life without additives and preservatives

3.  Retain 99% nutrient

4.  Retain original color and shape

The freeze-dried machine price

The freeze-dried machine price is different as the difference of configuration. If you had a blast freezer for bigger freeze dried machine, the cost of blast freezer will be deducted from the total price. If you have refrigeration system in your current factory with required cooling capacity to the freeze dried machine, the cost of refrigeration system can be deducted from the total amount too. If you need more options, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

How to select a good freeze-dried machine?

To freeze dry food: select a food freeze dryer.
To freeze dry pharmaceutical product: select a pharmaceutical freeze dryer.
To start up a freeze drying company, select an industrial freeze dryer.
To freeze dry at home, select a home freeze dryer.

To make samples in a laboratory or university, select a laboratory freeze dryer.

The composition of freeze-dried machine

Each single KEMOLO freeze dried machine is composed of freeze dryer chamber, vapor condenser, shelf system, refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system and control system. And as for bigger freeze-dried machine, besides those items, it comes with blast freezer, rail i steel and trolley for faster transportation.
As one of the main manufacturers of large freeze dried machine, KEMOLO is no doubt, your best option.