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2022-05-06 10:06:26

Commercial freeze-dried machine

The freeze-dried product can be kept for a long time at regular temperature level without ingredients. The structure of freeze-dried articles is crisp and also porous, and also rehydrates rapidly.

Commercial freeze-dried machine usually refers to big scale production freeze dryers. Commercial freeze-dried machine occupies a fairly huge area and call for some various other workshops of raw material storage space, washing, peeling off, cutting, as well as packing.

The commercial freeze-dried machine is made up of refrigeration system, vacuum system, heater, and also control system. The major components are drying chamber, vapor condenser, compressor, vacuum pump, electrical heater, and also cooler, etc. Commercial freeze-dried machine is utilized for freezing moisture content right into solid state, and after that sublimating the water from the solid state into an aeriform state to get rid of the water, to ensure that maintain the freeze-dried products for longer time.