FD-50 Freeze Dryer

FD-50 freeze dryer is suitable for freeze drying any liquid and solid food material. Its effective shelf area is 5m2, fresh raw material loading capacity 50kg/batch. KEMOLO FD-50 freeze drying machine is ideal for trial production or pilot freeze drying applications for all kinds of food, biological extract products.

  • Model:: FD-50
  • Input capacity:: 50kg/batch
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FD-50 freeze dryer summary

FD-50 freeze dryer is suitable for freeze drying any liquid and solid material. Its shelf area is 5m2, fresh raw material loading capacity 50kg/batch.
This is a small freeze dryer, but it is larger (1-5kg) than household freeze dryers and experimental freeze dryers. This small freeze dryer is suitable for start-up companies and small-scale production. 1-2 people can start the freeze-drying business. There are not many manufacturers and suppliers of this kind of small freeze dryer, because it is also one of the industrial freeze dryers, and there is no difference in function and structure from the large freeze dryer. It is the mini version of the large freeze dryer.

Advantages of freeze drying:

Why do you need to freeze-dry? The freeze dryer can be used in hundreds of industries and thousands of products. KEMOLO freeze dryers are mainly used in the food industry. Why use a freeze dryer to produce food? Because freeze-dried food is more natural, healthier, and can be stored for a longer period of time. The most important thing is that the nutrition of the food will not be lost during the freeze-drying process.

About the price of freeze dryer and the price of freeze-dried food:

Prices are usually the most sensitive information of a company, and prices are usually not published directly on the website. However, for small freeze dryers, especially household freeze dryers and experimental freeze dryers, the price is very transparent and can be purchased online. Therefore, you can find the price of household freeze dryers and experimental freeze dryers online. For large freeze dryers, you need to contact the manufacturer or supplier of the industrial freeze dryer to inquire about the price. The price of freeze-dried food is also determined by the type of food. If the cost of raw materials is high, the price is not very cheap. Generally speaking, the price of freeze-dried food is about US$50,000/ton.

How to choose a freeze dryer?

What brand is the best freeze dryer? The right one is the best. For investors who want to produce freeze-dried food, the best freeze dryer is a food freeze dryer. For companies that want to produce medicine, the best freeze dryer is a pharmaceutical freeze dryer. For universities, the best freeze dryer is the experimental freeze dryer. The most important thing is to choose the right freeze dryer manufacturer. The freeze dryer is a professional machine, and the trade and distribution supplier cannot fully understand the freeze dryer technology. You cannot buy industrial and commercial freeze dryers from home freeze dryer manufacturers. You can't go to a food machinery company or a refrigeration equipment company to buy a freeze dryer. Such a company still lacks the professionalism of freeze dryers.

The application of freeze dryer:

To freeze dry all kinds of lyophilized food; Infant food supplement and child snacks; outdoor and traveling food; gourmet around the world; fast consumable food; natural extracts for health care products; pets food; permanent flower; pharmaceutical production, biological products.

How to start your freeze dry business?

1, Select the product to be freeze dried. And make a business plan.

2, Look for the resource of raw material, those special kinds, high value, potential with cheap price raw material would be an ideal choice.

3, Look for suitable processing equipment, according to your freeze dry project, including cleaning, peeling, cutting, extraction, freeze drying and packing equipment.

4, Prepare a suitable factory according to the dimension of processing equipment and production procedure.

5, Product packing design, packing material choosing, packing bag making. A good packing could stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

6, Open up market and sell your product. Freeze dried food is absolutely new to all of your customers. It’s amazing to be their FIRST supplier with continuous orders. How to sell your freeze dried products?

7, Execute the above business plan. Take actions on marketing and selling in advance; Raw material purchasing can be negotiated with your suppliers in advance and ship them to your factory on the day that you expected. The purchase of all necessary processing equipment will take 4-6 months. The factory preparing and decoration will take about half a year. The factory construction needs to be started as soon as you ordered the Freeze Dryer.

The composition of freeze dryer

The FD-50 freeze dryer is composed of SUS304 stainless steel chamber, SUS304 stainless steel head, SUS304 stainless steel flange, SUS304 stainless steel vapor condenser, SUS304 stainless steel pipes; refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system, control system. Large scale freeze dryer comes with quick freezer, trolley and rail for product pre-freezing and fast loading and unloading. For small freeze dryers, the whole process is in the freeze dryer chamber.

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