Vegetable freeze dried equipment suppliers, cost-effective price for sale from manufacturers - KEMOLO

2022-05-06 10:06:29

Vegetable freeze dried equipment

KEMOLO is just one of the main makers as well as sellers of veggie freeze-dried equipment, and makes large equipment for veggie freeze drying production line to process top quality with affordable rate offer for sale.

There are 2 kinds of veggie freeze-dried equipment. Conductive kind is utilized for small and center scale high worth products ice up drying processing. Glowing kind is used for massive vegetable freeze-drying manufacturing.

Veggie freeze dried equipment is extensively used in vegetables, such as edible mushrooms, garlic pieces, shallots, onions, eco-friendly beans, peas, cucumbers, pleasant corn kernels, carrot pieces, spinach, asparagus, wild veggies and so on. Our input capacity of vegetable freeze dried equipment is 10-2500kg. The excellent point about vegetables generated by vegetable freeze dried equipment is that they can be prepared by simply bring in water.