FD-2000 Freeze Dryer

FD-2000 freeze dried equipment is suitable for mass production. Its shelf area is 200m2, loading capacity 2000kg/batch. KEMOLO FD-2000 freeze dried equipment is designed for large freeze drying production line with several sets of equipment.

  • Model:: FD-2000
  • Input capacity:: 2000kg/batch
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FD-2000 freeze-dried equipment

FD-2000 freeze dried equipment is suitable for freeze drying any food materials. Fresh material loading capacity 2000kg/batch. This is a large-scale freeze dried equipment, which is suitable for large-scale companies and large-capacity freeze-drying projects. Generally speaking, if the process capacity is more than 4 tons per day, it's ok to buy 2 sets of this equipment. If the daily processing capacity is only 2 tons, we recommend buying two sets of 1-ton models. This type of freeze dryer is divided into a drying chamber and a condensing chamber, and the two chambers are transported separately. With a length of nearly 15 meters, it requires a larger installation area. KEMOLO is one of the main manufacturers and suppliers of this industrial freeze-dried equipment, with all aspect into consideration.

Freeze-dried equipment input capacity

Standard model of a single dryer: 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500kgs, this is the product of a single freeze-dried equipment;
the larger capacity is a combination of multiple freeze-dried equipment, and fresh product processing capacity can be from 5-50 tons daily.

The advantages of KEMOLO freeze-dried equipment

1. Professional freeze-dried equipment manufacturing process with 5 stages quality control.

2. Freeze-dried equipment has low carbon emissions by using environmentally friendly refrigerant.

3. Freeze-dried equipment saves energy consumption with many kinds of energy saving solutions.

4. Good stability and good feedback from users all over the world.

The application field of freeze-dried equipment
Food industry mainly, and extract liquid or biological products. Pets food is also a big field.

Advantages of freeze dried product:

1. 100% natural products without additives and preservatives.

2. Longer storage time by normal packaging.

3. The freeze dried product keeps its original color, shape and nutrition.

The price of freeze-dried equipment
The price of pharmaceutical freeze dryer is the most expensive one. The home freeze dryer is the cheapest one, as its fresh product input capacity is only 5-7kg.

The price of food freeze dried equipment is in between. There are different models from 50kg to 2500kg. There surely be one of the models of your interest.

How to select a right freeze-dried equipment?
There are different freeze-dried equipment in the market.
Laboratory freeze dryer is for laboratory or university;
Home freeze dryer is for millions of families.
Pharmaceutical freeze dryer is for pharmaceutical products like antibiotic.
If you need a food freeze dryer to start a new freeze drying food business, contact KEMOLO now.