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2022-05-06 10:06:33

Vacuum lyophilizer equipment

The heat energy of products is supplied by the heating plate via heat transmission or radiation, to make sure that the water in the item is straight sublimated from ice to vapor condition. The continuously sublimated vapor is condensed and also captured to the U-shaped coil till the heating and also vacuumizing are stopped according to the freeze-drying curve to meet the specific demands. After 15 ~ 24 hrs, the materials are dried, and also the water is relocated to vapor condenser of the vacuum lyophilizer equipment.

The vacuum lyophilizer equipment is mostly composed of vacuum freeze-drying chamber, vacuum system, refrigeration system, furnace and control system. The fundamental technological process embraced by vacuum lyophilizer equipment is: pretreating → freezing → vacuum drying → product packaging → completed item.

The functioning concept of the vacuum lyophilizer equipment: firstly, freeze the raw material listed below the eutectic factor temperature level to make the water in the products right into solid ice, and after that load the pre-treated products into drying chamber of the vacuum lyophilizer equipment under low temperature vacuum state.