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2022-05-06 10:06:33

Food lyophilizer equipment

Food lyophilizer equipment is now extensively utilized in the food field, especially in the processing of high-value foods as well as high value-added foods. Because the freeze-drying process is executed under reduced temperature as well as vacuum conditions, the water in the material is directly sublimated from the solid state to the aeriform state, so the shade, fragrance, taste, shape, and also nutritional structure of the dried product can be kept to the optimum, and also the rehydration efficiency is great.

There are many kinds of food dried by food lyophilizer equipment, as well as it is frequently being encompassed various areas of food processing, including: Instant food. High-end instant noodles, instant rice, as well as convenient spices; Freeze dried snacks like lyophilized fruits, veggies. They are healthy, delicious, and easy to eat; Instant drinks such as freeze-dried coffee, instant tea, and so on; Nutrition and wellness items. Freeze dried ginseng, freeze dried horn, freeze dried honey, freeze dried imperial jelly powder, freeze dried plant pollen, bovine colostrum, aloe powder, etc.

As the freeze-drying techniques has benefits that are unequaled by other drying approaches, food lyophilizer equipment has actually become the most potential drying devices. The items processed by the food lyophilizer equipment remain in excellent agreement with the 3 major patterns: green food, organic food, as well as fast food. The food lyophilizer equipment is additionally worried as well as preferred by more as well as extra investors.