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2022-05-06 10:06:38

Vegetable lyophilization equipment

Vegetable lyophilization equipment is made use of to process many kinds of powder vegetables. Include powdered veggies to powder or sugar to make veggie noodles, cakes, sweets as well as biscuits, beverages, and so on, which can maintain the dietary content, shade, and also taste of veggies.

In recent times, the demand for freeze dehydrated veggies in Europe, the United States, as well as Japan has actually raised quickly, and also the import quantity is still boosting year by year. The price of vegetables from vegetable lyophilization equipment in the worldwide market is 4-6 times greater than that of hot air-dried vegetables.

There are primarily 2 type of freeze-dried vegetables from vegetable lyophilization equipment: granulated vegetables and powder vegetables. The method is to blend 8 type of vegetables and load into vegetable lyophilization equipment to make granular veggies. This type of veggies is not only nutritious as well as tasty, but also very appropriate for infants at the beginning of weaning, children that do not such as vegetables, and senior individuals with bad teeth, individuals that consume fluid or semi-liquid food as well as professional athletes with limited food consumption and other unique teams.