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2022-05-14 08:59:09

Fruit lyophilization machinery

The nutrients of the freeze-dried fruits will not be lost, as well as the gotten rid of water will not eliminate anything other than wetness. The completed products from fruit lyophilization equipment will certainly be sweeter, much more aromatic, and also crispier. The volume and form do not transform. The freeze-dried fruits are squishy, crunchy, and also scrumptious.

Lyophilization machinery is used to dry high quality fruit. The fresh fruits will certainly be pre-processing, consisting of picking, washing, peeling, as well as cutting, before filling right into the fruit lyophilization equipment. When the fruits prepare, you require to fill into the fruit lyophilization machinery.

Ultimately, the temperature level of the item is regular with the setting heating temperature, and the vacuum level reaches limit value, the fruits have been lyophilized by fruit lyophilization equipment. The freeze-dried fruits need to be quickly packed.

In the manufacturing procedure, don't include any kind of ingredients, pigments, preservatives. The simple covered packaging enables the freeze-dried fruits to be crisply kept for more than 2 years. With the improvement of individuals's living criteria, this pure natural, no included and also nourishing fruits will be an increasing number of popular with consumers. For fruits with short seasonality and also high nutritional value, the fruit lyophilization machinery is ideal to spend.