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2021-12-09 11:58:21

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Vacuum freeze drying equipment is a large-scale machine for industrial investment. As investment in food increases, the need for food freeze drying equipment increases accordingly, but there are only few companies that manufacture large freeze drying equipment in the world. There are no big manufacturers of freeze drying equipment in the United States, and only manufacturers of pharmaceutical freeze drying equipment in Europe and large scale vacuum freeze drying equipment for food production. The main manufacturers are almost in China.

Food Freeze Drying Equipment Features:

1. The food freeze drying equipment must be large enough and have a large processing capacity.

2. The food freeze drying equipment must be of high efficiency and energy saving. Freeze drying has a long production time and high energy consumption; food is a fast food product. Then the freeze-drying equipment for food processing must ensure high-efficiency production and lower energy consumption while ensuring high-quality food production.

3. Unlike injectable medications, food is not injected into the blood. The requirements for bacteria-free shops, bacteria-free equipment, and bacteria-free operations are not as high as lyophilized drugs.

When investing in a food freeze drying business, you should choose food freeze drying equipment not a pharmaceutical freeze drying equipment.