New Zealand Freeze Dryer, Freeze Dried in New Zealand

2021-12-09 11:58:48

New Zealand Freeze Dryer, Freeze Dried in New Zealand

New Zealand, the jewel of the Pacific Ocean, is considered the purest place in the world. Due to the influence of the oceanic climate, here it is very mild and pleasant all year round. Half the area, vast forests and pastures make New Zealand a truly green ocean. With high quality air and pure water, fruits and vegetables in New Zealand are also very clean and there is no need to worry about pesticide contamination. Meanwhile, it is at the meeting place of warm and cold ocean currents, a wide variety of seafood is found in its surrounding waters. More and more investors are buying commercial freeze dryers to process natural products in New Zealand.

Many large companies have already chosen Kemolo as their New Zealand freeze dryer supplier. Through the vacuum freeze drying equipment, they mainly freeze-dry the fruits, such as golden kiwi, apples and single berries; shellfish, especially plump mussels; dog food etc. Why have lyophilized products become a trend? Freeze dried fruits are grown in New Zealand in season. Super healthy food brings the best benefits of fruits in one bag. Processed by freeze dryer in New Zealand, the fruits provide consumers with great value and convenience, ideal for adding to cereals, porridges, smoothies, along with your baking topping for such a unique look. Freeze-dried foods are guilt-free snacks with no preservatives or additives. For your beloved pets to search for high-quality pet food, the manufacturer of industrial freeze dryers also recommends freeze drying equipment.

Freeze dried pet food is the perfect alternative to wet raw product. By freeze drying, it locks in all the nutrients found in raw meat, while only removing moisture. What that means is that it has all the benefits of raw meat, but with the convenience of freeze-dried food. The result is tasty meat bites, full of intense flavor. This is the real deal in terms of 100% natural ingredient, real meat, not a cookie or kibble. No artificial preservatives, grain, gluten, wheat, corn, soy, cereals. It is a delicious and raw food.

When Britain joined the European Economic Community in the early 1970s, its influence led New Zealand to expand its export markets. With the popularity of freeze-dried food, it has become an important part of New Zealand's exports.