Pharmaceutical freeze dryer manufacturer, good price

2022-08-30 13:21:25

Pharmaceutical freeze dryer

Pharmaceutical freeze dryer has a wide range of applications in the fields of oral medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, plant extract medicine and biomedicine. Pharmaceutical freeze dryer allows drug developers to stabilize formulations and therapeutic molecules through a commercially validated method. The process relies on the control of pressure and temperature in a pharmaceutical freeze dryer to remove liquid from formulations that consist of thermally sensitive or hydrolytically unstable active pharmaceutical ingredients or formulation components. The resulting solid obtains greater stability than the aqueous solution and it can be stored for a longer duration at higher temperatures than its liquid precursor.

By applying pharmaceutical freeze dryer, freeze dried medicines include two parts: western medicine and Chinese medicine. Western medicine by pharmaceutical freeze dryer has developed in China, and many large pharmaceutical factory suppliers have pharmaceutical freeze dryer. In terms of injections, freeze drying processes are used more frequently, which improves the quality and shelf life of medicines, and brings benefits to both doctors and patients. However, the cost of freeze dried medicines is high, and the drying process is not advanced. In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, it is currently only limited to freeze dry a small amount of Chinese medicinal materials such as ginseng, velvet antler and yam. A large number of Chinese patent medicines have not yet adopted the freeze drying process, which is far behind foreign countries. A few years ago, Japan changed the boiling method of Chinese medicine, solved the traditional Chinese medicine cannot be made into injections or tablets, and also solved the problem that Chinese medicine does not cure acute diseases. Therefore, the prevalence of formulation stability challenges has resulted in more pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers turning to pharmaceutical freeze dryer. The use of pharmaceutical freeze dryer for both pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing has grown around 13.5% per year over the last five years.

Pharmaceutical freeze dryer is particularly beneficial to drug developers, as a stable powder for injection can be easily packaged and transferred as a finished drug product. Pharmaceutical freeze dryer can also be employed to produce stable intermediates in drug product development and manufacturing. Hydrolytically unstable formulation components may be lyophilized to create a longer shelf life and accommodate multi-step manufacturing processes.