Build a great freeze drying machine for commercial use for food

2021-12-09 11:57:37

Build a great freeze drying machine for commercial use for food

The freeze drying machine is basically a kind of drying machine, but an advanced drying system, different from other drying machines, the freeze drying machine needs a refrigeration system to cool the products and the steam condenser. From the very beginning, freeze drying machines are sublimation machines and other drying machines are evaporative drying equipment. Compared with ordinary dryers, the freeze drying machine prices are higher and the production time is longer, but the quality of the finished product is the best.

If freeze drying machines can be replaced by other drying machines?

It is enough to analyze from the beginning of operation of the freeze drying machine.

1. Evaporative drying: There are dozens of different types of drying machines, such as hot air dryers, spray dryers, vacuum dryers, etc., all of which are evaporative dryers. What is an evaporative dryer? It consists of directly evaporating the water in the liquid water product to gaseous water vapor.

2. Sublimation drying: freeze drying machine only.

So what are the advantages of freeze drying machines that were not replaced by other dryers? The lyophilized materials can retain 99% of the nutrients and medicinal ingredients. Lyophilized materials can retain biological activity. Freeze-dried materials can keep the original color, shape and fragrance.

The freeze drying machine is quite good for food products, build your freeze drying machine plant for commercial food production with high capacity and good sale price.