Lyophilizer freeze dryer

2022-08-30 10:46:57 kemolo

Lyophilizer freeze dryer

During the sublimation and drying process by lyophilizer freeze dryer, the physical structure of freeze dried products remains unchanged, and the chemical structure changes very little. The product still maintains the original solid structure and shape. After the lyophilizer freeze dryer process the products, the solid ice crystals sublimate into water vapor and generate porosity. The pores are left to form a unique sponge-like porous structure, which has ideal instant dissolution and rehydration. The freeze drying process is carried out under extremely low temperature and high vacuum conditions, and the biological activity of the materials can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.

Biological products are loaded into the lyophilizer freeze dryer under a lower temperature during the sublimation process, so lyophilizer freeze dryer is particularly suitable for drying products that are heating sensitive, such as enzymes, antibiotics, hormones, nucleic acids, blood and immune products. After the freeze dried products are unloaded from the lyophilizer freeze dryer, the moisture content is about 1% ~3%, which is conducive to the long-term storage of biological materials. It is carried out under vacuum conditions, so it is not easy to oxidize. The requirements of the lyophilizer used for biological products and biological tissues are different from the other products, including fruit, vegetable and coffee. The chamber of lyophilizer freeze dryer, in addition to meeting the general requirements of lyophilizer freeze dryer, also run under sterile situation. Therefore, the process in lyophilizer freeze dryer is the most stringent. After lyophilizing biological products such as vaccines, strains, viruses, etc., they generally need to be made into injections.

Therefore, it is first formulated into a liquid preparation, lyophilized and then sealed, and reduced to a liquid state by adding water during use for injection. Through lyophilizer freeze dryer, the biological product injections are directly injected into the blood circulation system of humans and animals. Therefore, special attention must be paid to disinfection and sterilization in all aspects of production to ensure the sterility requirements of the products.

Most biological products need to add some substance before loading into lyophilizer freeze dryer, and freeze drying can only be carried out after making a mixed solution. This substance plays a protective role during freeze drying, so it is called a protective agent.