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2022-05-06 10:06:19

Pilot freeze dryer

Pilot freeze dryer is a trial run little freeze dryer It is quickly puzzled with lab freeze dryer and home freeze dryer Exactly how to select a right freeze dryer for test manufacturing?

1, What is the function to have a freeze dryer?

A: utilized in house for leftovers: house freeze dryer

B: utilized in a research institute or laboratory: research laboratory freeze dryer

C: utilized in an university: laboratory freeze dryer

D: made use of in a tiny workshop to begin up your very own business: pilot freeze dryer.

E: made use of in a workshop for example advancement prior to mass manufacturing: pilot freeze dryer.

2, The functions of the 3 kinds of freeze dryers

House freeze dryer: square designed, financial style, longer freeze-drying manufacturing time.

Research laboratory freeze dryer: multifunctional for different sort of items, also unknow liquid.

Pilot freeze dryer: function coincides as large freeze dryer, to locate out the fastest time to get highest quality freeze dried out items, to save production price throughout mass manufacturing.