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2022-05-06 10:06:19

Coffee freeze dryer

What are the benefits of freeze-dried coffee?

Freeze dried coffee is tastier and also the scent is a lot more taste.

Freeze dried coffee is healthier as there is no chemicals and ingredients.

Freeze dried coffee can be maintained longer.

Freeze dried coffee particle formed is more fascinating as well as appealing.

Your lyophilized coffee is powder shape, however various other business gives normal particle shaped coffee. Coffee is the most typical drink for people in the world. There are many renowned coffee plant areas in Latin America, as well as the high quality of the coffee is great. The standard technique to dry the coffee is still by spray method 180-200 ℃ high temperature, the taste and taste is lost in such a high temperature.

What is the difference in between freeze dried coffee and spray dried coffee?

Freeze dried coffee remains in low temperature incidentally of sublimation, as well as the taste is kept in maximum; the flavor is preserved in optimum, and its nutrition is maintained in optimum. It is the superior high quality dried coffee. Spray dried coffee is refined in heat, the most valuable issues of coffee are lost is the high temperature processing, as well as its preference is shed; its flavor is shed.