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2022-05-06 10:06:24

Vegetable freeze dry equipment

The porous framework makes the freeze-dried veggies exceptionally fragile during transportation. The commonly made use of packaging materials for vegetable freeze dry equipment items are PE bags and also light weight aluminum foil bags. PE bags are frequently utilized for big product packaging and also light weight aluminum foil bags are utilized for little product packaging. If necessary, iron containers can additionally be utilized for product packaging, however the cost is greater and the application is not extremely usual.

Whatever kind of product packaging products are used, it is necessary to load with nitrogen, and also add oxygen scavenger and desiccant. Vegetable freeze dry equipment items need to be saved in a cool and also completely dry location. Preferably, it is best to be put in a low-temperature and also low-humidity setting. The service life is typically 2 to 3 years. When packed in iron canisters, it can be effectively expanded.

Freeze-dried veggies have a permeable sponge-like framework after processing by vegetable freeze dry equipment. The item is easy to absorb wetness and also oxidize when subjected to air, so freeze-dried veggies must be vacuum-packed, preferably nitrogen-filled; second, the occupied volume of veggies from vegetable freeze dry equipment is reasonably huge, which is not for packaging, transportation, and sales.