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2022-05-06 10:06:28

Food freeze dried equipment

Food freeze dried equipment is made use of to dry all kinds of food products, consisting of raw fresh food products or prepared food. To construct a freeze-dried food manufacturing line, you require to get numerous kinds of food handling equipment, and also food freeze dried equipment is the major equipment.

The food freeze dried equipment brings financiers much more chances to gain even more amount of money in the food handling market, as the typical drying technique would cause the nourishment lost in food, as well as form, shade altering in the dried food product.

Food freeze dried equipment embraces an innovative dehydration modern technology. It makes hydrous products iced up in the low temperature condition, after that under the vacuum problem, it embraces thermal radiation approach for heat, to sublimate ice to gas directly. The food freeze dried equipment used a combined application technique based on multidisciplinary advancement, consisting of refrigeration, heat, vacuum, electric etc. As well as vacuum freeze-dried techniques has widely application, such as for chemical products, biologics, health and wellness product, farming products (meat, poultry, egg, sea food, veggies, and fruits and so on). Various capacities of food freeze dried equipment are customized per customer.