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2022-05-06 10:06:28

Vacuum freeze-dried equipment

Vacuum freeze-dried equipment takes on lyophilization dehydration innovation. The vacuum freeze dried equipment made use of a mixed application modern technology based on multidisciplinary growth, including refrigeration, heating, vacuum, electrical etc.

KEMOLO is the major maker of vacuum freeze-dried equipment for food, organic and also nutraceutical items. KEMOLO brand name freeze dryers have been exported to numerous countries on the planet with economical cost as well as premium quality.

All freeze-dried equipment is with vacuum system, due to the fact that vacuum is utilized to lower the pressure of the freeze-dried chamber. To get a suitable vacuum freeze-dried equipment, the choice of vacuum is essential too, due to the system requires to stop from any type of fluid getting in the vacuum system. The completely dry vacuum system is the ideal option for freeze drying.