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2022-05-06 10:06:37

Vacuum lyophilization machinery

Throughout the low temperature drying procedure, the initial residential or commercial properties of the compound can be ideal maintained. The volume as well as shape are generally the same after vacuum lyophilization machine. When rehydrated, the call surface area with water is huge, and it can swiftly return to its initial shape.

Since it is normally dried under vacuum, there is extremely little oxygen, which secures easily oxidized compounds. It can remove 95% ~ 99.5% of the moisture in the products, and also the rack life of freeze-dried products is long.

Contrasted with normal sunlight drying, boiling drying, spray dehydrating as well as vacuum dehydrating, Vacuum lyophilization machinery has the complying with exceptional benefits:

1. Vacuum lyophilization systems is done at reduced temperature level, so it does not denature the protein. 2. As a result of the reduced temperature drying, the loss of unstable parts, heat-denatured nutrients as well as fragrant parts in the compound is really small, so vacuum lyophilization machine is an innovation to procedure excellent quality medicines as well as food.

There is no huge difference in between vacuum lyophilization systems and freeze dryer. Vacuum is a required component in a lyophilization machine. To purchase a correct device for food, you need to pick and obtain it from suppliers, not trade sellers for an affordable price.

Vacuum is a necessary part in a lyophilization machinery. Vacuum lyophilization machine is done at reduced temperature level, so it does not denature the protein. Due to the reduced temperature level drying, the loss of unstable components, heat-denatured nutrients and also fragrant parts in the substance is extremely little, so vacuum lyophilization equipment is a modern technology to process high top quality medicines as well as food.