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2022-05-06 10:06:37

Industrial lyophilization machines

After the product is frozen, the water in the item turns right into ice to form a stable solid skeleton. During the sublimation, the ice crystals keep the solid skeletal system basically the same. The shrinkage price of industrial lyophilization machinery is a lot lower than that of various other kind of dehydrating, and also can maintain the type of fresh foods.

Due to the fact that the product is dehydrated after pre-freezing, the fine ice crystals in the product leave a lot of gaps after sublimation, showing up as a permeable sponge, which can quickly penetrate and also totally contact with the dry products during rehydration, allowing the freeze-dried items to be completely rehydrated within several mins and even tens of seconds, hence maximally preserving the colour, aroma, and flavor of fresh food. Freeze-dried products have excellent rehydration buildings as well as are extensively made use of in high top quality instant foods.

The industrial lyophilization machines means automation. Since the items from industrial lyophilization equipment are totally dehydrated, effectively packaged, as well as do not include any type of preservatives, there is no unique need for the storage temperature level, that is, they can be saved for a long time at regular temperature. Their storage expenditure is much reduced than frozen food.