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2022-05-06 10:06:38

Commercial lyophilization equipment

After the items are completely frozen, they will certainly be carried to the chamber for sublimation and also dehydrating. The products will be dehydrated as well as moved to the product packaging area for quickly loading. The products processed by commercial lyophilization equipment are typically pre-frozen (with the exception of medicine as well as bacteria), which can save 3 hrs of manufacturing time.

Commercial lyophilization equipment usually describes large sized and also production freeze dryer. In order to enhance manufacturing effectiveness, commercial lyophilization equipment is supplied with rails as well as carts to carry materials. The rails of commercial lyophilization equipment begin with the raw material pretreatment. After the pretreatment is completed, the products can be filled on the trays. A trolley can hold greater than 100kg of materials, and afterwards transfer the materials to the fast deep freeze area for pre-freezing.

In the process of item sublimation, we utilize glowing heat transfer, which is much more uniform than conductive heat transfer. Utilizing light weight aluminum plate for heating transfer, the heat transfer efficiency is 10 times more than that of stainless steel.