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2022-05-14 08:59:08

Vegetable freeze dried machine

The veggies which are processed by vegetable freeze dried machine has a significant area. Several of the components in the veggies are directly subjected to the air. It is specifically very easy to be subjected to oxygen in the air and also absorb moisture, leading to the steady degeneration of freeze-dried vegetables. Most freeze-dried veggies have all-natural colors, and also these all-natural pigments are conveniently degraded under light. During oxidation and pigment deterioration, temperature level is additionally an essential aspect of affecting such chain reactions.

After the freeze drying procedure is finished, infuse nitrogen or dry air right into the drying chamber to launch the vacuum, and then quickly get the material in a seal atmosphere with a family member moisture of much less than 50% and temperature level of 22 ~ 25 ℃, and much less dust. After that under exact same atmosphere, choose as well as load the semi-finished items outcome from vegetable freeze dried machine. Since the lyophilized product has a massive surface as well as is really hygroscopic, it is required to complete these procedures in a relatively dry environment. It's very crucial to load the freeze-dried veggies well. Aluminum aluminum foil bags are generally used by vegetable freeze dried machine.