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2022-05-06 10:06:28

Pilot freeze dried machine

Pilot freeze dried machine is a test production small freeze dryer It is easily puzzled with research laboratory freeze dryer and also house freeze dryer How to select a best freeze dryer for test production?

1, What is the objective to have a freeze dryer?

A: made use of in house for leftovers: house freeze dryer

B: utilized in a research study institute or lab: research laboratory freeze dryer.

C: used in a college: research laboratory freeze dryer.

D: used in a tiny workshop to launch your very own business: pilot freeze dried machine

E: made use of in a workshop for sample advancement before automation: pilot freeze dried machine

2, The features of the 3 sorts of freeze dryers

Home freeze dryer: square designed, financial style, longer freeze-drying manufacturing time.

Research laboratory freeze dryer: multifunctional for various kinds of products, also unknow fluid.

Pilot freeze dried machine: feature is the very same as big freeze dryer, to find out the shortest time to get highest quality freeze dried products, to save manufacturing price throughout mass production. To buy pilot freeze dried machine with an economical prices, just purchase it from suppliers as well as companies directly.