Freeze dryer equipment manufacturer, good price

2022-08-30 13:21:25

Freeze dryer equipment

With so many options available, it’s no wonder the task of choosing freeze dryer equipment can be confusing. The costs of cheap freeze dryer equipment from numerous manufacturers or factories in China are different. It works by freezing the material, then reducing the pressure and adding heat to allow the frozen ice in the material to change directly to a vapor. The freeze dryer equipment for sale includes 3 phases: freezing, sublimation and adsorption. Suitable parameters of process application allow suppliers to obtain best quality products compared to products dried with traditional methods.

Several factors can affect the inexpensive freeze dryer equipment to get stable products. Two of the most important are moisture and oxygen. After processed by freeze dryer equipment in China, the final product has a small amount of moisture remaining in them termed residual moisture. The amount of moisture remaining in the material is very low and depends on the nature of the product and the length of secondary drying. Residual moisture can be measured by several means: chemically, chromatographically or gravimetrically. It is expressed as a weight percentage of the total weight of the dried product from cheap freeze dryer equipment. Residual moisture values range from 1% to 3% for most products.

By their nature, freeze dried materials are hygroscopic and exposure to moisture during storage can destabilize the product. Packaging used for freeze dried materials must be impermeable to atmospheric moisture. Storing products in low humidity environments is recommended by freeze dryer equipment manufacturers, which can reduce the risk of degradation by exposure to moisture. Oxygen is also detrimental to the stability of most freeze dried material so the packaging used must also be impermeable to air. The detrimental effects of oxygen and moisture are temperature dependent. The higher the storage temperature, the faster a product degrades. Most freeze dried products can be maintained at refrigerator temperatures, i.e. 4-8°C. Placing freeze dried products at lower temperatures extends their shelf life. The shelf life of a freeze dried product can be predicted by measuring the rate of degradation of the product at an elevated temperature. This is called accelerated storage. By choosing the proper time and temperature relationships at elevated temperatures, the rate of product degradation can be predicted at lower storage temperatures.

The freeze dryer equipment is proved to be an advantage of preserving as the moisture content of the formulation is greatly reduced thus enhancing the stability of the product, ease of handling, rapid dissolution because of porous nature and easier transport. More and more investors tend to buying freeze dryer equipment.