Freeze dryer machinery manufacturer, good price

2022-08-30 13:21:26

Freeze dryer machinery

Freeze dryer machinery has been used in a number of applications for many years, most commonly in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Freeze dryer machinery technology in China is common, but cost intensive and hence one of the key objectives during freeze drying process development is to minimize the drying time. However, freeze dryer machinery companies apply to other applications, such as microbial cultures, preservation of whole animal specimens for museum display, restoration of books and other items damaged by water, and the concentration and recovery of reaction products.

Freeze dryer machinery is an effective way of drying materials without destroying them. During the freeze drying process, there are several points that freeze dryer machinery manufacturers or factories will try to avoid. Heating the product too high in temperature can cause melt-back or product collapse. Condenser overload caused by too much vapor hitting the condenser. Freeze dryer machinery suppliers also consider insufficient refrigeration. The vapor is produced at a rate faster than it can get through the vapor port, the port between the product chamber and the condenser, creating an increase in chamber pressure. Here are a few important terms related to freeze dryer machinery.

The Eutectic point is at which the product only exists in the solid phase, representing the minimum melting temperature. Not all products have a eutectic point or there may be multiple eutectic points. During freeze drying, the critical temperature is the maximum one of the products before its quality degrades by melt-back or collapse. The material forms crystals when frozen; has a eutectic point or multiple eutectic points. Fast freezing creates small crystals which are hard to dry; annealing can help form bigger crystals. Amorphous: multi-component mixtures which do not crystallize and do not have a eutectic point. They turn into a ‘glass." Freeze drying needs to be performed below the glass transition temperature. Collapse: the point at which the product softens to the extent that it can no longer support its own structure. This can be a problem for many reasons: loss of physical structure, incomplete drying or decreased solubility. So it’s important for the suppliers to buy inexpensive freeze dryer machinery with low cost and high quality.

The food demand is huge, so food freeze dryer machinery needs to be large scaled with the low energy consumption, because freeze dried food is a daily consumable, if the production cost is high, it will not be affordable to become a luxury. Freeze dryer machinery removes water to extend its shelf life and make it more convenient for transport.