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2022-08-30 13:21:26

Freeze drying machine

Freeze drying machine is drying equipment or dehydration equipment that removes water from materials. The equipment difference between freeze drying machine and other dryers is that the water in the material is transferred from a solid ice state to steam, while other drying methods are from water to steam. The advantage of freeze drying technology is to optimize the quality of dried materials. Food freeze drying machine is mainly used to process fruits and vegetables. There are three states of water: solid ice, liquid water and steam. From solid ice to vapor is called sublimation. This is the principle of freeze-drying. From liquid water to vapor is called evaporation. This is the working method of all other drying machine.

Freeze drying machine has been widely used in the fields of injection, protein, bacteria and other medicine or biological field. Nowadays, the field of food freeze drying machine is developing rapidly. The freeze drying machine has both vacuum equipment and refrigeration equipment. At the same time, it also needs heating equipment to provide the required heat for product sublimation. Since the internal space of the main body of the freeze drying machine is in a vacuum state during operation, a pressure difference of -0.1Mpa is formed with the outside atmospheric pressure. Therefore, the freeze drying machine is a negative pressure container.

In order to enable the freeze drying machine to withstand the pressure difference, generally speaking, the container is designed to be cylindrical to maximize its compressive strength. If a rectangular design is adopted, reinforcing ribs must be used on the outside of the rectangular body to ensure its compressive strength. According to the output capacity, there are experimental freeze drying machine and production freeze drying machine. The experimental freeze dryer requires complete functions, low noise, and can use a single-phase power supply. The production freeze drying machine requires large output, high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

Food demand is huge, so food freeze drying machine needs to be large-scale equipment with the lowest energy consumption. The freeze-dried food is a daily consumable, if the production cost is high, it will not be affordable to become a luxury. Food safety and production safety are very important for food freeze drying production plants. Food freeze drying machine must comply with regulations like the US FDA and pressure vessel regulations.