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2022-08-30 13:21:26

Freeze dried machine

The freeze dried machine is widely used to dehydrate and dry fresh fruit and vegetable. The principle of freeze dried machine is to quickly freeze the water in the fruit into ice, and then let the ice directly sublime into water vapor to remove, and the fresh fruit is dried from this. According to the principle, we know that freeze dried machine must have the ability to quick freeze, because the temperature of quick-freezing is lower, it can quickly freeze the moisture in fresh fruit into small ice crystals, so as to avoid the formation of larger ice crystals to squeeze the internal structure of the fruit, resulting in a decrease in the quality of the finished product. It must also have the ability to draw a vacuum, the lower the pressure, the lower the sublimation temperature of the ice. The freeze dried machine also has the function of heating. Because sublimation of ice requires heat to be absorbed, a moderate amount of heat will make sublimation happen faster.

According to the output capacity, there are vacuum laboratory freeze dried machine and industrial vacuum freeze dried machine. The laboratory freeze dried machine requires complete functions, low noise and single phase power supply. Industrial freeze dried machine requires large output capacity, high production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. From the perspective of applications, there are pharmaceutical freeze dried machine, food freeze dried machine and home use freeze dried machine. Pharmaceutical freeze dried machine is required to comply with FDA and GMP.

The entire production process is non-polluting, can realize automatic loading and unloading, CIP, SIP and aseptic packaging; the food freeze dried machine is required to meet the food grade hygienic standards and is cost effective and high efficient; the freeze dried machine is requested with small size, low noise, low energy consumption and economy. During operation, the internal space of the main body of the machine is in vacuum condition, it will form negative pressure difference with the atmospheric pressure of outside. Therefore, the vacuum freeze dried machine is a negative pressure vessel. In order to bear such pressure difference, generally speaking, the vessel is designed to be cylindrical shape, so as to maximize its compressive strength.

Food is in huge demand, so food freeze dried machine needs to be large equipment with the lowest energy consumption. Food freeze dried machine is different from pharmaceutical freeze dried machine. Medicines, especially injections, have strict operating procedures and hygiene standards. It’s enough to meet food-grade hygiene requirements for food freeze dried machine. For food with short season and high nutritional value, it is a very ideal investment project.