Freeze dried equipment manufacturer, good price

2022-08-30 13:21:26

Freeze dried equipment

Freeze dried equipment generally refers to large-scale production freeze dryers, or commercial freeze dried equipment. Compared with the experimental freeze dryer, the industrial freeze dried equipment quickly load and discharge materials. Products can also be pre-frozen in advance, saving production time and production costs. The freeze died equipment occupies a relatively large area, and also requires a raw material storage workshop, raw material cleaning, disinfection, and pretreatment workshop. After the freeze drying process is completed, the freeze dried fruits and vegetables need to be packaged and stored in short time.

To improve production efficiency, food freeze dried equipment is equipped with rails and trolleys to transport materials. The rail system of the freeze dryer starts from the pretreatment of the raw materials. After the pretreatment is completed, the trays can be loaded. The trays with the materials are placed on the trolley for freezing. The products of industrial freeze dried equipment are generally frozen by pre-freezing (except for medicine and bacteria), which can save 3 hours of production time. After the pre-freezing is completed, it is transported to the drying chamber for sublimation drying, and the dried materials are transported to the packaging workshop, and the freeze dried materials are quickly packaged.