Freeze dried machinery manufacturer, good price

2022-08-30 13:21:26

Freeze dried machinery

Food freeze dried machinery is a high-end food drying equipment. It first freezes the food, and then in the vacuum chamber, the ice in the food is sublimated into vapor, and the vapor separated from the food is condensed on the very cold ice condenser. The food sublimated and dried by the freeze dried machinery has almost no nutrient loss. After freeze drying, the shape of the food will not change, and the color of the food will not change. It can be stored for a long time without adding preservatives and additives.

Since the food freeze drying process can truly achieve zero pollution, green and healthy food is more and more popular with consumers, and food freeze drying is the most potential industry. Because the food is a fast moving consumer product, the market demand is very large, and the industry is developing rapidly. Some investors are constantly expanding their scale to seize the market. New investors are very interested in small and medium-sized food freeze dried machinery, trying to explore the market. Food freeze dried machinery is widely used.

All kinds of fruits and vegetables can be freeze dried, all kinds of meat and aquatic products can also be freeze dried, and all kinds of cooked food and dishes can also be freeze dried. After freeze drying, it becomes a nutrient rich instant rice, instant noodles. Adding hot water and wait for 5-6 minutes to serve. With the improvement of people's living standards, this kind of pure natural, no additives, and nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable crisps will be more and more popular with consumers.