Freeze drying coffee machine, Coffee lyophilizers - Manufacturers & suppliers

2022-01-07 09:03:17

Freeze drying coffee machine, Coffee lyophilizers - Manufacturers & suppliers

Freeze drying coffee flakes retain the original flavor of coffee. Due to its loose and porous internal structure, it has a fast dissolution rate. It is a convenient metered “instant coffee” and can easily control the concentration of the resulting beverage. The optimized preparation process are: extraction temperature 90℃, extraction time 12min, material-to-liquid ratio 1:15, the extract is concentrated to 65% concentration. And then place the liquid coffee in a freeze dryer to be frozen below -36℃ and under situation of vacuum environment for more than 20h. The freeze drying coffee has a smooth surface, a complete sheet shape, and a pure flavor, which provides convenience for people drinking at home, travel and office, or inconvenience in getting hot water.

Freeze drying coffee machine, Coffee lyophilizers - Manufacturers & suppliersFreeze drying coffee is a process of extracting instant coffee powder, which is still instant coffee in essence. Freeze drying coffee refers to placing liquid coffee in the freeze drying chamber of a food freeze drying machine. The liquid coffee is frozen into a solid at a low temperature, and then the moisture in the liquid coffee is sublimated, and the ice is directly sublimated from the solid into vapor, and at the same time the vapor is captured by the water trap again and sublimates on the coil. Wait until all the water is transferred and the coffee is completely freeze dried. Traditional instant coffee uses a high temperature steam extraction process, such as spraying espresso coffee extract through a hot air jet. The heat evaporates the water in the coffee extract, leaving dry coffee grains. This process can bring large and rapid production, but the disadvantage is that the aroma of coffee will be taken away with the high temperature steam, and disappear. To make matters worse, many nutrients are also prone to allergic reactions with high temperature, chemical structure is destroyed, and nutritional value plummets.

The production process of traditional instant coffee greatly reduces the quality of coffee. But freeze drying coffee is an upgraded version of traditional instant coffee. In fact, it is also instant coffee, but freeze drying coffee retains the aroma of coffee to the utmost extent, dissolves faster, and the extract is more concentrated, and it tastes better.