Freeze drying vegetables machine & equipment, good price from manufacturer

2021-12-28 11:15:01

Freeze drying vegetables need to apply vacuum freeze drying equipment to dehydrate and dry fresh vegetables. The principle of freeze drying machine is to quickly freeze the moisture in vegetables into ice, and then let the ice directly sublimate into vapor and remove it. Thus, fresh vegetables are freeze dried. According to the principle of freeze drying, we know that the equipment of freeze drying vegetables we need must have the ability of quick freezing. Because the temperature of quick freezing is lower, it can quickly freeze the water in fresh vegetables into small ice crystals, thereby avoiding the formation of larger ice crystals. It must also have the ability of vacuum. The machine of freeze drying vegetables also has heating function. Because the sublimation of ice needs to absorb heat, appropriate heating will make the sublimation happen faster.

Freeze drying vegetables machine & equipment, good price from manufacturer

Before preparing for the business of freeze drying vegetables, you need to buy a reliable and efficient freeze drying equipment. The freeze dryers of freeze drying vegetables are different from pharmaceutical freeze dryers. Medicines, especially injection medicines, have strict operating procedures and hygiene specifications. Freeze drying vegetables equipment can meet food grade hygiene requirements. Freeze drying vegetables will not lose nutrients, and during this process, it does not take away anything except water. Therefore, the volume and shape of the freeze drying vegetables do not change, and the freeze drying vegetables looks like sponge and have good rehydration. Freeze drying vegetables can be provided to consumers at any time. After rehydration, they are very close to fresh vegetables. In this way, there is no need to eat off-season vegetables. Grind into powder and use it as a natural coloring or food additive. When added to flour, it is not only rich in nutrients, but it can also be made into foods with different colors, which children especially like. There is no need to add any artificial colors, additives, preservatives, and preservatives during packaging. Simple airtight packaging can keep freeze drying vegetables crispy for more than 2 years.

With the improvement of people's living standards, this kind of pure natural, no added and nutritious vegetable crisp will become more and more popular with consumers. It is a very ideal investment project.