FD-200 Freeze Dryer

FD-200 food freeze dryer is suitable for food freeze drying, 200kg/batch. Technical advantages of the food freeze dryer; The main application and features of KEMOLO food freeze dryers.

  • Model:: FD-200
  • Input capacity:: 200kg/batch
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FD-200 food freeze dryer

FD-200 food freeze dryer can be used to freeze drying all kinds of liquid and solid materials. Its shelf area is 20m2, fresh raw material loading capacity 200kg/batch. This is a small and medium-sized, cost-effective food freeze dryer. If you need to process many different types of food, biological products, herbs, and extracted liquids, this freeze dryer is a good model. You can also consider buying multiple freeze dryers of this kind. It is suitable for small and medium enterprises. It only needs 2-3 people to complete the process from cleaning, loading, freeze-drying, and unloading. As one of the main manufacturers of large food freeze dryers, KEMOLO is able to provide you the optimum freeze drying solution.

Features of freeze-dried products
There are many advantages by freeze drying. The freeze-drying process is a low-temperature sublimation process. The product will not lose nutrients due to low temperature. In the vacuum chamber, there is no oxygen, and the color and shape of the freeze-dried product will not change. And it has a longer shelf life, is more natural and healthier.

How's the market price of food freeze dryer and the price of freeze-dried food?
The price of food freeze dryers is relatively economical. Purchasing from professional food freeze dryer manufacturers, you can get equipment with reliable quality and good prices. Using high-quality freeze-drying equipment to produce freeze-dried food, it can also be sold at a very good price. If the price of raw materials is relatively high, the price of freeze-dried products will also be relatively high. Generally, the price of freeze-dried food is about US$50/kg.

The choice of food freeze dryer
For food freeze-drying, you will have to choose a food freeze-drying machine instead of a pharmaceutical lyophilizer. From the perspective of suppliers, the first choice is to purchase directly from manufacturers of food freeze-drying equipment. Compared with other food equipment, food freeze dryer is a professional equipment with high technical content. The companies which had more than 10 years of technology accumulation, it can produce a good food freeze dryer.

The types of freeze dryers are classified from the application industry:

1. Pharmaceutical freeze dryer

2. Food freeze dryer

Food freeze dryers are different from pharmaceutical freeze dryers. They must comply with food production specifications and comply with relevant laws and regulations. The material requirements, configuration requirements, and functional requirements of the food freeze dryer must comply with the relevant regulations for food freeze-drying production. Generally speaking, food freeze-drying has lower requirements than pharmaceutical freeze-drying.

Features of food freeze dryer

1. The output of food freeze-drying equipment is large

2. Low energy consumption requirements for food freeze dryers

3. Continuity of freeze-dried food production

4. Food freeze-drying machines need to be cheap

Advantages of food freeze dryer

With a high return on investment, food freeze-drying is the mainstream direction of food production in the future. The use of food freeze dryers can produce 100% natural food without additives; food without nutrient loss can be produced; freeze-dried food can be stored for longer.

The main application of KEMOLO food freeze dryer:

KEMOLO is one of the main suppliers of freeze-drying equipment. KEMOLO freeze-dryers are medium-sized or large-scale industrial freeze-dryers. The main application product is food freeze-drying. KEMOLO's industrial-grade food freeze dryer can be used for large or huge commercial freeze-drying production, including: fruits, vegetables, soups, cooked food, meat, fish, shrimp, milk powder, coffee, fruit powder, extracts, biological products, etc.