Industrial freeze dryer

2022-04-28 07:05:09 kemolo

Industrial freeze dryer

Industrial freeze dryer generally refer
s to large scaled production freeze dryer for sale, or commercial freeze dryer. Compared with laboratory freeze dryer, industrial freeze dryer can quickly load and discharge materials. Products can also be pre-frozen in advance, thereby saving production time and production costs. The industrial freeze dryer occupies a relatively large space, and also requires a raw material storage workshop, raw material cleaning, disinfection, and pretreatment workshop. After the freeze drying process is completed, the finished products need to be packaged and stored in time.

In order to improve production efficiency, industrial freeze dryer are equipped with rails and trolleys to transport materials. The track of the freeze dryer starts from the pretreatment of the raw materials. After preprocessing is completed, the raw materials could be loaded into trays for pre-freezing. The trays containing the materials are placed on the trolley. One unit of trolley could carry more than 100kg raw materials. After the pre-freezing is completed, it is transported to the chamber for sublimation and drying. The dried materials are then transported to the packaging room, where the freeze dried materials are quickly packaged. Once the material is dried sufficiently, it's sealed in a moisture-free package, often with an oxygen-absorbing material. As long as the package is secure, the material can sit on a shelf for years and years without degrading, until it's restored to its original form with a bit of water (a very small amount of moisture remains, so the material will eventually spoil). If everything works correctly, the material will go through the entire process almost completely unscathed!

The freezing of products in industrial freeze dryer generally applies pre-freezing (except for medicines and bacteria), which can save 3 hours of production time. Sublimation requires heat. In the process of product sublimation, we use a radiant heat transfer method, which is more uniform than a contact heat transfer method. Using aluminum plate to transfer heat, the heat transfer efficiency is 10 times more than that of stainless steel, which is good for improving work efficiency and saving energy.