FD-300 Freeze Dryer

FD-300 commercial freeze dryer is suitable for freeze drying any liquid and solid food materials. Advantages of commercial freeze dryers; Features of commercial freeze dryer; The main application of KEMOLO commercial freeze dryer: food!

  • Model:: FD-300
  • Input capacity:: 300kg/batch
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FD-300 commercial freeze dryer

FD-300 commercial freeze dryer is used to freeze drying food and bio-pharma products, plants extract liquid into powder. Its shelf area is 30m2, fresh raw material loading capacity 300kg/batch. This is a small and medium-sized commercial freeze-drying machine, and it is also the largest all-in-one machine. It is said that it is the largest all-in-one machine because the commercial freeze-drying machine has to be loaded into an ordinary container, and its size is already the largest. To process a big variety of products, just order several units of commercial freeze-drying machines. This all-in-one freeze dryer has been tested in the KEMOLO factory. In the user's factory, the installation and testing is simple. When you receive the commercial freeze dryer, just connect it to water and electricity, and you can use it directly. As one of the key manufacturer of freeze dryer, KEMOLO offers reliable commercial freeze dryer with cost-effective price.

Commercial freeze dryers must be large freeze dryers, not small, and not household-type. The industry that requires commercial freeze dryers is usually the food freeze dryer industry. Therefore, large-scale commercial freeze-drying machines are gradually being widely used in the food freeze-drying industry. Small-scale commercial production is also applicable in the pharmaceutical field, but food freeze-drying is definitely a large-scale commercial production.

Benefits of freeze-dried products

Freeze-dried products have good quality, good color, good shape, and no loss of nutrition. Freeze-dried biological products are active. Freeze-dried medicines are more effective. Astronauts eat freeze-dried food, which is 100% natural, and the prospect of freeze-dried food is prosperous.

Is the freeze dryer expensive? Are freeze-dried food prices profitable?

Considering investing in freeze-dried food? The lower the price of the freeze dryer, the better; and the freeze-dried food must have a good price. Considering that freeze-drying technology has not been widely used. The price of freeze-dried food is relatively high. The cost of freeze-drying equipment is relatively high, and the price of freeze-drying machines is not cheap.

How to select commercial freeze dryer suppliers?

Commercial freeze dryers must be large, and the companies which producing large commercial freeze dryers are in China. Some food machinery companies or refrigeration equipment companies also assemble or sell commercial freeze dryers as their part-time job, as their main products are not freeze dryers. Such companies are not specialized in the production of freeze-drying equipment, and lack experience in technology accumulation, equipment reliability, durability, and freeze-drying process research. To purchase a large-scale commercial freeze dryer, you have to find a professional freeze dryer manufacturer.

Features of commercial freeze dryer

1. Commercial freeze-drying equipment has a large processing capacity

2. The energy consumption of commercial freeze dryers cannot be as high as pharmaceutical freeze dryers

3. Commercial freeze dryers need to be equipped with transportation rails and trolleys

4. The price of commercial freeze dryers is economical

Advantages of commercial freeze dryers

Commercial freeze-drying production is for profit. It has a high return on investment. Commercial freeze-drying production will replace small freeze-drying factories. Freeze-drying is the direction of food production in the future. The food freeze dryer can produce 100% pure natural food; it can produce food without nutrient loss; the freeze-dried food can be stored for decades.

The main application areas of KEMOLO commercial freeze dryer:

KEMOLO is one of the main suppliers of commercial freeze dryers, especially large ones, used in the food field. KEMOLO's industrial-grade food freeze-drying machine can be used for large-scale or large-scale commercial freeze-drying production, including: various solid foods, freeze-drying liquid foods into powder, cooked food, extracts, biological products, etc.