Cheapest home freeze dryer price, small home freeze drying equipment good or not?

2021-12-23 14:50:06

Cheapest home freeze dryer price, small home freeze drying equipment good or not?

Home freeze dryer are small freeze-drying equipment with relatively lower configuration, and the price is cheaper. This type of home freeze dryer has small volume, low energy consumption and low noise. The chamber of home freeze dryer is relatively thin, about 2-3mm, which is not only used as chamber, outside wrapped with evaporator copper tubes, but also as vapor condenser. Home freeze dryer is not suitable for industry application and mass production. But for large freeze-drying equipment, freezing products and refrigerating vapor condenser are separately, it requires two sets of refrigeration pipes and two sets of refrigeration accessories. However, through wrapped evaporator of the home freeze dryer, it is used as vapor condenser, and also used as cold source for freezing products. Instead of a hollow shelf, a simple stainless-steel plate which is approximately 1.5mm thick is used as the shelf system. There is no silicone oil and no plate heat exchanger. Thus, it is a significant cost saving. That's why the home freeze dryers are cheaper than industrial freeze dryers.home freeze dryer

Home freeze dryer is very cheap, attracting a lot of consumers’ attention. They consider it as a small business venture. Freeze drying at home is the best way to preserve your garden harvest. It truly is the gardener’s best friend. However, the refrigeration capacity coming from the inner wall of the chamber could not freeze the products to lower temperature and the freezing time is also very long. In the meantime, since there is no independent vapor condenser, the capacity of ice condenser is particularly poor, resulting in a large amount of vapor entering the vacuum pumps, so that the users have to replace the lubrication oil of vacuum pump frequently. Acrylic doors and rubber sealers are used for the chamber of home freeze dryer, so the failure rate is relatively high. Due to the low configuration, the processing time of home freeze dryer is longer.

The price of home freeze dryer is the cheapest one. You could buy one by thousands of us dollars. But the production capacity is pretty low. If you need the freeze dryer to start freeze drying business, industry freeze dryer is a better choice. Your new freeze dryer investment will definitely turn a nice profit.