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2021-12-11 16:47:20

Food freeze dryer

The advantages of food freeze dryer are as below:

1, Freeze drying at low temperature, it can preserve the biological activity of the protein and microorganisms in the food.

2, Reduce the degeneration of heat-sensitive products and keep the original color, fragrance, taste and shape of the food unchanged.

3, The loss of some volatile components in food is small.

4, Drying is carried out under low pressure, so that the easily oxidized food is protected. At the same time, due to low temperature and hypoxia, it can sterilize or inhibit the activity of certain bacteria, thus the properties of the food remain unchanged.

5, By food freeze dryer, the surface area of food is increased, and it has good instant dissolution and rapid rehydration.

6, The food freeze dryer can remove more than 95% moisture in the food, so that the dried food can be stored for a long time without deterioration.

7, The process of food freeze dryers can realize environmental protection, which is often called green drying.

With the improvement of people's living standards and the acceleration of the pace of life, people's food requirements tend to be nutritious, safe and healthy. At the same time, some personnel engaged in specific tasks, such as aerospace, sailing, mountaineering, and field operations, various expedition team personnel also have special requirements for food, plus the demand for travel food and snack food. Therefore, all kinds of natural green food and convenience food come into being, and because of the above advantages, food processed by food freeze dryers can meet people's needs for safety, nutrition and convenience, and thus are favored by people at all levels of modern society.

For example, freeze-dried food, as a kind of snack food, has a relatively large market in developed countries. They are called TV foods, which are mainly fruit chips. This new type of food is famous for its rich fragrance and fruity taste, and it is natural. It is nutritious and has higher quality and flavor than puffed or fried food, and its domestic demand is also increasing.

In addition, the products of agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery and other industries, which are used as food raw materials, can also greatly increase profits after being dried by a food freeze dryer.

The production process of food freeze-drying mainly includes: pre-processing, quick freezing, vacuum drying and post-processing.

The pre-processing work is divided into rough processing and fine processing. The rough processing of vegetables is mainly to select raw materials, peeling and washing, etc., while the fine processing is mainly to further wash, cut or crush, blanch, spin dry, and dial. The food freeze dryer is divided into three stages: material pre-freezing, sublimation drying and analytical drying. Post-processing is mainly selection, screening, packaging and storage, etc.