Freeze drying fruit machine for high quality freeze dried fruits

2021-12-13 19:50:35

Freeze drying fruit machine

Freeze drying fruit machine is a kind of high-end fruit freeze dryer. The fresh fruits will be pre-processed, including selecting, washing, peeling, cutting, etc. And then load into the freeze-drying fruit machine for freezing, and then in the vacuum chamber, the ice in the fruits will be sublimated into vapor. The vapor that separates from the fruits is collected by the vapor condenser. By sublimation, fruits processed by freeze drying fruit machine have almost no nutrition loss. After freeze drying, the shape of the fruits does not change and color will also not change.

Freeze drying fruit machine is widely applied in food industry. A variety of fruits can be freeze dried and sell at much higher value.

During the process of freeze-drying fruit, the freezing is one of the most important procedures. Due to a series of complex biochemical physical and chemical changes during the freezing process of fruits, pre-freezing will directly affect the quality of freeze-dried fruits. Quick freezing and slow freezing have the following differences: the ice crystals produced by quick freezing are smaller, and the ice crystals produced by slow freezing are larger; large ice crystals are good for sublimation, and small ice crystals are not good for sublimation; small ice crystals have less influence on cells. The smaller the ice crystals, the more it can reflect the original structure and performance of the product after drying. Choose an optimal freezing rate to ensure the quality of freeze-dried fruit while minimizing the required freezing energy consumption.

By freeze drying fruit machine, the fruits have a porous sponge structure. Firstly, dried fruit is easy to absorb moisture and oxidize when exposed to the air. Secondly, freeze-dried fruit occupies a relatively large volume. For those freeze-dried fruits that are inconvenient to compress and pack, use packaging materials with a certain protective effect.

Freeze dried fruits should be stored in a cool, dry place. If possible, they are best placed in a low temperature and low humidity environment. The shelf life can exceed 2 years.