Cheap freeze dry machine for food from China manufacturers & suppliers

2021-12-16 20:11:50

Cheap freeze dry machine for food from China manufacturers & suppliers

The freeze dry machine is widely used to remove the moisture from foods. There are several important benefits to removing moisture from food, the primary benefit being an incredibly longer shelf life. By freeze dry machine, the food could be preserved, and reduced waste, it’s all about improved shelf life. The working principle of the freeze dry machine is a technology that uses sublimation to dry. It freezes the products quickly at a low temperature, and then in a suitable vacuum environment, the frozen water molecules are directly sublimated into water vapor and escaped. The process is called lyophilization. The substance is always at a low temperature (frozen state) before drying, and ice crystals are evenly distributed in the substance. The sublimation process will not be concentrated due to dehydration, and avoid side effects such as foaming and oxidation caused by water vapor. The dry substance is porous in the form, the volume is basically unchanged, and it is easily dissolved in water to restore its original shape. To the greatest extent, prevent the physical, chemical and biological denaturation of products. The freeze dry machine consists of refrigeration system, vacuum system, heating system, and electrical instrument control system.freeze dryer, price, machine, equipment, food, lyophilizer, manufacturer, sale, supplier, China, freeze drying, factory, company, cost, vacuum, industrial, commercial,

There are big differences between dehydration and freeze dry machine. Food dehydrators circulate hot and dry air across food on open racks. This causes the water to evaporate and the food to shrivel. The temperature is high enough to remove water but not high enough to actually cook the food. Despite this, you lose many of the vitamins and nutrients in the process. Plus, the taste and texture can often change dramatically. Through freeze dry machine for sale, the quality freeze dried product is much higher. The freeze dryer lowers the temperature inside the vacuum chamber to an incredible low temp (around -40℃). Once the food is completely frozen, a vacuum pump lowers the pressure inside the chamber. And then the temperature is slowly raised back to normal. Due to the reduced pressure, the water in the food sublimes. Sublimation is the process where solid ice changes directly into water vapor without ever becoming liquid. The food gives up its water content without sacrificing texture, flavor, or nutrition.

The freeze dry machine keeps the shape and color of fresh food. You can rehydrate the food back to similar original consistency. If you add a little water, the freeze dried products will become soft again like fresh food. It also provides an extra great reduction in weight. By freeze dry machine, the food could be packed on your back for miles. More and more investors buy cheap freeze dry machine from China manufacturers.